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Drew Hastings

Did you hear about the LA comedian who moved to rural Ohio, bought a farm and then got elected mayor? Meet Drew Hastings, a favorite on The Bob & Tom Show, with appearances on Comedy Central and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and now, the 2nd term Republican mayor of Hillsboro, Ohio.

While many comedians are predictably liberal in their shows, Hastings offers comedy from a common sense conservative perspective. After twelve years, Drew gave up the LA scene for life in flyover country. "I never cared for Hollywood. I have a huge following in the Great Midwest and that's where I like to work," says Hastings. Hastings moved to Hillsboro, Ohio, a small town in southern Ohio. He bought a farm and was elected recently mayor. "People asked me, ‘What makes you think you can become a mayor?' Well, I was used to disappointing people on an individual basis so I thought I'd try to expand on that effort," said Hastings. His mayoral opponent tried to use the stand-up experience against him. "My abilities as a stand-up helped. You bluntly tell the truth. You're opinionated. You're quick on your feet," says Hastings. "I was good in press conferences, in debates and going door to door." "My belief is that this country is going to hell in a hand basket. My thought was, ‘Well, I can't do much about America, but I can do something about the small corner I live in.'

I spent 20 years touring small towns in the Midwest. I watched them slowly decline. I saw how some towns succeeded, so I was using some knowledge I picked up on the road," said Hastings. Has the politics crept into his comedy? "I'm starting to develop mayoral material," says Hastings. "Most of my recent stuff has been about my farm. I moved from L.A., and I decided to buy a farm and I knew nothing about it. It became "Green Acres" on acid. The material wrote itself." While Drew's fish out of water farming stories have made a popular entertainer at Farm and AG Shows, this performance promises to include some ‘adult' humor.

Hastings performs at The Cackle Shack Comedy Club in Bloomington, IL, Sat., November 16th at 8pm. 

Learn more about Drew on his website.

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November 16th @ 8PM


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